Electric Gates Installations

Motor and Electric Gates, Fencing and Garage Doors

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Electric Gates

We install high quality, durable Motor and Electric Gates for the Gauteng market.

Our electric gates can be made to suit your needs.

Our Electric Gates are ideal for Residential and Commercial clients who require a tough security to their premises. The tough steel pickets can prevent a targeted effort to enter the premises through the gate, while the spiked tips prevent trespassers from climbing over the gate.

We can install both swinging and sliding Security Gates, with pin-pad, remote control openers, buzzer or intercom access.

Electric Fencing

We also do electric fencing and security fence panels which are made out of steel.

Electric Fences are ideal for industrial and commercial clients who require a tough and long-lasting barrier to their premises.

The durable steel or aluminium pickets combined with the arrowhead tops provide a strong sense of security for families, businesses, individuals or those living in isolated areas.

Our Fencing range can be made to match our Security Gates for full perimeter protection.

Garage Doors

Our garage doors include traditional steel garage doors, aluminum garage doors, wood garage doors, carriage style garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, vinyl garage doors and insulated garage doors.