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Projectors & Screens Installation Johannesburg

There are numerous instances were individuals or companies might need to use a projector. We can use it for educational purposes, a business presentation and even for home entertainment. For anything you might want to use your Projector for, we are happy to let you know that we offer the best projector installation services in Gauteng and surrounding areas.

We can offer low cost and good quality projector installation services for any type of projector you may need for your use.

Apart from installing projectors, our service offering also include projector screen installation services. Mostly, you can purchase a new screen together with your projector or you may have a projector but only in need to install new screen. Whatever the case, we install all types of projector screens including ceiling and wall mounting screens.

For more information about Distribution of HD picture quality to various systems. Installation & Set-up of projector. We offer same day service, operate 24/7., feel free to contact us.

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